Aleksandra M, Warszawa


I cannot strongly enough recommend Doctor Barwijuk. I had a tummy tuck with liposuction and repair of abdominal muscles, as well as fat transfer to my breasts a little over a year ago. My boobs are magnificent as is my new bellybutton . My tummy is flat and the scar is barely visible. I have extensively surfed the net looking at photos of ladies from many different doctors and from other countries and now I am even more chuffed as my scar is mega low (I have seen some which are way above bikini bottoms height). Medifem and Doctor B. were recommended to me by one of my friends. I in turn was so pleased that I recommended him to my cousin who had her eyelids done as well as a brow lift and my mother who had vaginaplasty. I then returned a month ago for vaginaplasty. I have been treated with respect at the clinic and with great kindness and compassion after surgery. Doctor B took the time to look, discuss and explain. He understood exactly what I wanted and needed. He conveyed to me what was to be done. He talked to me whilst I was in the operating theatre right until the anaesthetic kicked in. He even came in especially to the clinic on a Saturday to check on my recovery. The clinic also has an excellent post-operative physiotherapy facility, which offers laser therapy to reduce scarring, lymphatic drainage and massage to reduce swelling and to get you up and running and back to your life. And to add to the kind Doctor’s talents – he speaks excellent English. I wish all of my hospital stays had been as pleasant.

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