The vaginal vestibular surgery involves the correction of the vaginal entry area, often permanently altered, deformed as a result of childbirth, especially large children. Very often, in difficult natural births or after the incision of the crotch, scarring in the vaginal entrance is poorly healed, leaving painful adhesions and scars or open entrance to the vagina. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and involves the surgical excision of altered tissues and adhesions, leaving as little trace as possible. Often, the introitoplastic procedure is performed in the extension of perineoplasty.


The indication for introitoplasty is an open vaginal opening, adhesions or lesions that cause pain and discomfort.


  • Pregnancy and feeding period
  • Menstruation
  • Active intimate infection
  • Bad cytological result

How to prepare for surgery?

The operation is preceded by a consultation visit. Before surgery, the following tests should be performed (tests can be performed at our Clinic)

  • blood type
  • morphology
  • urine general test
  • coagulogram – APTT, INR, PT
  • ECG after 40
  • HBS antigen
  • electrolytes
  • sugar level

You must not take the following medications: aspirin or its derivatives (e.g. Acard), Vitamin E, as well as antitussive and anti-influenza medications 2 weeks before the planned surgery. These measures adversely affect the prolongation of bleeding during surgery.

Limit smoking to 3-4 cigarettes a day, 3 days before surgery.

The operator should be informed of the history of infection if it occurred within 2 weeks before the planned surgery.

You should stay 6 hours fasting (without food and drink) before surgery and take care of hair removal in intimate areas.

Course of operation

The procedure involves surgical excision of changed tissues and reconstruction of the natural entrance to the vagina. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Absorbable stitches are applied to the wound.

Postoperative period

Introitoplasty is performed as part of one-day surgery. The patients leave the clinic after several hours of observation.

After the procedure, sexual abstinence applies for a period of 6 weeks and mandatory check after 7-10 days. It is absolutely necessary to follow medical recommendations.

Best medical team

Michał Barwijuk Plastic gynecologist

Andrzej Barwijuk założyciel Kliniki Medifem

Tadeusz Issat Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

Marta Andziak Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii

Ewa Juchnicka Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii, endokrynolog

Anna Kasielska-Trojan Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Tomasz Zawadzki Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Antonina Lisowska Specialist of Radiology

Maciej Łapoć Specjalista anestezjologii i intensywnej terapii.

Monika Jusińska Fizjoterapeutka

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