Plastic gynecology

vaginaplasty, labiaplasty

Plastic gynecology is the surgical correction or reconstruction of an intimate part of a woman’s body. Plastic procedures are performed in women after natural births whose appearance and functionality of the genital tract differs from the original (vaginoplasty, perineoplasty) and in women who have anatomical imbalance or labia hyperplasia (labiaplasty).

In congenital malformations, e.g. Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome – MRKH or after mutilation, ritual circumcision, it is possible to reconstruct intimate zones. Michał Barwijuk, MD, PhD is a leader and pioneer of reconstructive procedures and plastic correction of intimate zones. Plastic gynecology is the fastest growing area of ​​gynecology and aesthetic surgery, thanks to which patients have the opportunity to improve the functionality and aesthetics of genital organs.

It should be remembered that the lack of self-acceptance or sexual frigidity, in most cases, is not the result of bad relationships with the partner, but discomfort associated with the different design, appearance or functionality of intimate zones. Gynecological plastic surgeries have been performed for many years, but it has only ceased to be taboo in the last few years. In the Medifem Women’s Clinic, plastic gynecology and reconstruction of the genital tract are performed by plastic gynecologist, lecturer of the Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Gynecology PSPRG, Dr Michał Barwijuk. Anaesthesiologist Maciej Łapoć take care of safety and elimination of pain. Such an experienced team guarantees discretion and comfort during the operation as well as safety and satisfaction with the final result.


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