Medifem Clinic

Medifem was a first in Poland plastic and reconstructive gynecology clinic.

For over 10 year we have been offering to women plastic and reconstructive gynecology surgeries as well as aesthetic gynecology treatment and gynecological care. We have been sharing our skills and knowledge with other doctors during workshops and conferences as the founders of Polish Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Gynecology.

Our clinic offers a range of treatments not only in the field of plastic and reconstructive gynecology, but also plastic surgery and body shaping. Our surgeons have been successfully performing liposuction, abdominosplasty and breast augmentation with implants and fat as well as breast augmentation and reduction for years.

Our patients can always count on professional care during and after surgery, comfortable conditions of international standards, pleasant stay and most of all great results and discretion. In our practice we use newest energy based devices, modern operation room and highest standards post-op rooms.

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Overnight plastic gynecology

Most plastic gynecology procedures are performed as part of a 1-day stay in the clinic. Non-invasive techniques that improve the quality of sexual and everyday life, including laser therapy, radiofrequency, carboxytherapy or platelet rich plasma are 15 minutes express and painless procedures (Lunch Time), after which the patient returns to professional activity. Modern surgical procedures performed with the use of laser or radiofrequency reduce the level of perioperative bleeding shortening the recovery period to a minimum.

Our doctors

Anna Kasielska-Trojan Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Michał Barwijuk Plastic gynecologist

Tadeusz Issat Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

Andrzej Barwijuk założyciel Kliniki Medifem

Antonina Lisowska Specialist of Radiology

Tomasz Zawadzki Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Ewa Juchnicka Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii, endokrynolog

Marta Andziak Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii

Monika Jusińska Fizjoterapeutka

Maciej Łapoć Specjalista anestezjologii i intensywnej terapii.

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Most popular procedures

HIFU intimate ultrasounds

Ultrasound power focused in revitalization! What distinguishes the HIFU procedure from other non-invasive plastic gynecological procedures is its many-times higher effectiveness proved, among others, in radiotherapy. Ultrasonic waves act deeply o...

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Labiaplasty surgical correction of labia

Labiaplasty is a correction of labia, both inner (labia miora) and outer (labia majora). The treatment includes  shape modification and tissue correction. The aim of the treatment is to ensure symmetrization of both labia, while maintaining funct...

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Vaginoplasty surgical correction of vagina

Vaginoplasty is a popular and often performed procedure in plastic gynecology. The operation is most often performed in patients after many births which during their lifetime experienced damages or stretches in the reproductive organs. The proced...

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