Myomectomy is an operation that involves the surgical removal of uterine fibroids. Unlike hysterectomy, the uterus is partially or completely preserved. This treatment is therefore an indication for women who want to have a child in the future, who are healing due to infertility or who want to keep the uterus for other reasons not mentioned. The aim of the surgery, in addition to preservation of reproductive capacity, is to alleviate symptoms such as abundant and painful menstruation and general discomfort in the abdomen. The presence of fibroids that do not affect female fertility and do not give severe pain symptoms is not an indication for surgery. There are several ways to remove myomas and they depend on their quantity, size and location. If the muscle is submucosal and is on the back of the uterus, it can be removed by hysteroscopy. Several fibroids (up to 3), up to 10 cm in size, are possible to be removed by laparoscopy, and larger during laparotomy. The operation is performed under general or ductal anesthesia and lasts from 45 to 90 minutes. During surgery, the removed fibroids are sent for histopathological examination to exclude their malignancy. Absorbent sutures are made intraoperatively.

How to prepare for surgery?

The operation is preceded by a consultation visit. Before the procedure, the following tests should be performed (tests can be performed at our Clinic)

  • blood group
  • morphology
  • urinalysis
  • coagulogram – APTT, INR, PT
  • ECG after 40 years of age
  • HBS antigen
  • electrolytes
  • sugar level
  • Do not take the following medicines for 2 weeks before the planned treatment: aspirin or its derivatives (eg Acard, Aspirin, Calcipirine, Polocard), Vit.E and antitussive and anti-influenza drugs. These agents adversely affect the prolongation of bleeding during surgery.

You should limit smoking to 3-4 cigarettes a day for 3 days before surgery.

Inform the operator about the infection, if any, within 2 weeks before the planned surgery.

6 hours should be left on an empty stomach (without food or drink) before surgery.

Postoperative period

After myomectomy, the patient is discharged home after a one-day hospitalization, staying overnight in the Clinic under medical and nursing supervision. The control visit should take place after about 7 days, then the intradermal sutures are removed. After 14 days, the results of histopathological examination are available. The patient may experience pain around surgical cuts, which is alleviated both by over-the-counter painkillers and ketonal.

The meticulous adherence to postoperative recommendations is crucial in rapid recovery and significantly affects the final result of the operation.

Best medical team

Michał Barwijuk Plastic gynecologist

Andrzej Barwijuk założyciel Kliniki Medifem

Tadeusz Issat Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

Marta Andziak Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii

Ewa Juchnicka Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii, endokrynolog

Anna Kasielska-Trojan Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Tomasz Zawadzki Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Antonina Lisowska Specialist of Radiology

Maciej Łapoć Specjalista anestezjologii i intensywnej terapii.

Monika Jusińska Fizjoterapeutka

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