Hysterectomy is a surgical removal of the uterus, performed under anesthesia. The duration depends on the technique and the scope of the operation and ranges from 40 to 120 minutes. Obligatory during each treatment, the removed tissues are sent for histopathological examination. A distinction is made between partial hysterectomy – removal of the uterine body only, or complete removal of the body and cervix. There are several removal methods. The most frequently performed are: – excision of the uterus from vaginal access classic method assisted by laparoscopic method – LAVH – excision of the uterus from abdominal access by laparotomy or minilaparotomy Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy – LSH or total laparoscopic hysterectomy – TLH The advantages of vaginal removal from vaginal access faster convalescence fewer postoperative complications in the form of intestinal obstruction significantly better toleration of the procedure by older patients no contraindications due to obesity during the procedure, the abdominal integuments are not cut, which prevents the formation of infection within the wound, wound dehiscence and the formation of a hernia beneficial cosmetic effect


  • uterine fibroids
  • untreatable abnormal uterine bleeding after earlier exclusion of neoplastic disease
  • abnormal results of cytological tests (CIN1-3 or HSIL w / g Papanicolau)
  • cervical cancer – Ia1 w / g FIGO classification
  • endometrial cancer, ovarian uterus, fallopian tube – only from abdominal access
  • Pelvis endometriosis – only from abdominal access

How to prepare for surgery?

The operation is preceded by a consultation visit. Before the procedure, the following tests should be performed (tests can be carried out with us at the Clinic)

  • blood group with the person’s name stamp.
  • morphology – valid for 8 weeks (if the patient does not bleed)
  • general urine test
  • coagulogram – APTT, INR, PT – valid for 8 weeks (if you do not bleed)
  • ECG – an important 6 months for heart patients and a year for patients over 40 years of age
  • Rtg – valid 2 years after the age of 40
  • HBS antigen
  • electrolytes (Na, K) – valid 8 weeks
  • fasting sugar level – valid 8 weeks

If you are ill for other diseases, please consult a specialist to rule out contraindications to the gynecological surgery

Do not take the following medicines for 2 weeks before the planned treatment: aspirin or its derivatives (eg Acard, Aspirin, Acipirin, Polocard), Vit.E and antitussive and anti-influenza drugs. These agents adversely affect the prolongation of bleeding during surgery.

If you are taking Metformin (Metformax, Siofor), it is advisable to discontinue the medication 48 hours before the date of surgery. If you are taking other medicines permanently, please consult your doctor.

Limit smoking to 3-4 cigarettes a day for 3 days before surgery.

The operator should be informed about the infection, if any, within 2 weeks before the planned surgery.

6 hours remain on an empty stomach (without food or drink) before surgery

Postoperative period

After hysterectomy the patient stays for 1 to 2 days in the Clinic. The control visit should take place after approx. 7 days – then the seams are removed. The patient may experience pain around surgical cuts, which is alleviated both by over-the-counter painkillers and ketonal. The results of the collected material for histopathological examination are available after 14 days.

Meticulous adherence to postoperative recommendations is crucial in rapid recovery and significantly affects the end result of the operation.

Best medical team

Michał Barwijuk Plastic gynecologist

Andrzej Barwijuk założyciel Kliniki Medifem

Tadeusz Issat Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

Marta Andziak Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii

Ewa Juchnicka Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii, endokrynolog

Anna Kasielska-Trojan Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Tomasz Zawadzki Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Antonina Lisowska Specialist of Radiology

Maciej Łapoć Specjalista anestezjologii i intensywnej terapii.

Monika Jusińska Fizjoterapeutka

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