Gynecological surgeries


In the interests of the health of our patients, the clinic offers a wide range of gynecological and urogynecological services to best treat and prevent diseases of the female reproductive system. An experienced surgical team guarantees most endoscopic procedures (laparoscopy) reducing pain and recovery time. The clinic also performs laparoscopic procedures for suspending the lowered or prolapsed uterus (Elevest and Prolift) as well as advanced gynecological diagnostics (hysteroscopy, hydrolaparoscopy TH, fallopian tube patency Sono-HSG) and immunological.

Urogynecology is a unique range of services that allows you to cure conditions such as stress urinary incontinence O.T.V.T., associated with leaving the uterus and changing the angle of the coil, requiring the cooperation of a gynecologist and urologist. In cases of low severity, laser treatments for stress urinary incontinence may also be applicable. Treatment details and treatment techniques are always determined individually during the qualifying consultation.

The use of minimally invasive operating techniques allows a very quick return to full functionality (after just one day) and the best possible functional and aesthetic effects. High-quality medical facilities are available at the Medifem Women’s Clinic, and the operations are performed by the best specialists Andrzej Barwijuka, MD med. Michał Barwijuka, dr Marek Litmanowicz and cooperating doctors.

After surgery, patients have at their disposal postoperative rooms with sanitary facilities, television and the Internet. Qualified medical staff guarantees professionalism of services, discretion and intimate atmosphere.

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