Focused ultrasounds are a novelty on the Polish market and a real breakthrough in vaginal revitalization and methods for success in the treatment of stress urinary incontinence.


Indications for the procedure include complaints associated with stress urinary incontinence and its reflexive excretion during exercise such as coughing, laughing or sneezing.
Stress incontinence is also a frequent result of hormonal changes, sugar absorption disorders and congenital connective tissue defects.

HIFU treatment is preceded by a consultation visit during which an accurate interview, a gynecological examination, as well as research results are ordered and discussed.

Contraindication to the procedure are: positive cytological result and some anatomical defects, as well as: pregnancy, menstruation and intimate site infections.

  • Rejuvenating the interior of the vagina and external intimate areas
  • Shrinking the “walls” of the vagina
  • Dryness of the vagina, vaginal atrophy or hypermucorhea
  • Itching, burning, discharge
  • Stress incontinence
  • Whitening intimate areas – lightening the skin

Postoperative period

After the treatment sexual abstinence is recommended for 3-7 days, avoiding hot baths and lifting weights. Possible swelling and spotting subsides after a maximum of two days.

In the case of stress urinary incontinence, the full effect of the treatment is available one month after its implementation. In some cases it is necessary to repeat it.

Best medical team

Michał Barwijuk Plastic gynecologist

Andrzej Barwijuk założyciel Kliniki Medifem

Tadeusz Issat Specialist in obstetrics and gynecology

Marta Andziak Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii

Ewa Juchnicka Specjalista położnictwa i ginekologii, endokrynolog

Anna Kasielska-Trojan Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Tomasz Zawadzki Specjalista chirurgii plastycznej

Antonina Lisowska Specialist of Radiology

Maciej Łapoć Specjalista anestezjologii i intensywnej terapii.

Monika Jusińska Fizjoterapeutka

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