Aesthetic Gynecology

focused ultrasound, carboxytherapy, laser treatment

Plastic gynecology offers a group of minimally invasive procedures that affect the functionality of the reproductive organ, its aesthetics and increase in satisfaction with intimate life.

The key treatments of minimally invasive plastic gynecology include gynecological laser therapy, thanks to which we can cure stress urinary incontinence in women after numerous pregnancies, births, and in women in the fourth and fifth decades of life whose disease is the result of tissue sagging. At the Medifem Women’s Clinic, before each plastic gynecological surgery, a gynecological examination is performed and a thorough medical interview is carried out. Laser treatment of stress urinary incontinence is painless, and the effect of the additional treatment is glycemic reconstruction of the vaginal walls, improving their elasticity and hydration.

Laser vaginal revitalization is a treatment especially for women suffering from frequent recurrent infections, “dry” vagina and loosening of tissues due to natural delivery or the passage of years. Thanks to the proper laser guidance and peripheral irradiation of the vaginal walls, collagen is stimulated and tissue reconstruction. As a result, the tension of the tissues in the vaginal mucosa and intra-parietal fascia increases, the proper level of hydration and comfort of intimate life are restored.

In the group of non-invasive plastic gynecology procedures there is also a G-shot where with the help of autologous adipose tissue or hyalorunic acid the area around the G point is highlighted, facilitating stimulation and increasing satisfaction during intercourse. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is recommended for all women dissatisfied with sex.

Minimally invasive plastic gynecology works well in the treatment of urinary incontinence, a feeling of dryness and flaccidity of the vaginal tissues, which impede satisfaction with intercourse. These are short, painless procedures carried out in the Medifem clinic by the gynecologist Michał Barwijuk.


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